Saturday, 13 October 2012

Doctor Who Tardis Melted Crayon Art

As Doctor Who was absent from my Saturday this weekend ,my sister and I decided to do something that we have wanted to do for a long time... :)
...Melt crayons! So we we made a Melted crayon rainbow TARDIS picture.

What you need:
A Canvas
Glue Gun
GLue Sticks

1. Draw a picture of your desired object on to paper or card. Then draw round the picture onto a thick piece of cardboard but don't stick the picture down. 

2.Next position and glue the cardboard however you see fit.

3.Next grab all your crayons and put them in rainbow order 

4. Now use a hot glue gun to stick them all down.
5. Now melt the hell out of them. This is easily the longest step, so be prepared for aching arms.

Yes that is my awesome Bratz hairdryer :) 

6. Now stick your paper drawing over the top like so...
And your done!
Just leave it for half an hour or so to cool down and then its ready to hang on your walls :D