Saturday, 6 February 2016

DIY Cookies in a Jar Recipe

Don't you just hate those moods when you need want fresh baked cookies and or cakes but you really don't want to have to make such a mess and have to wash up after and to have to measure out all the ingredients? That is why ready made mixes from the supermarket are so great! But giving pre brought mixes doesn't seem like the most thoughtful gift, which is where homemade mixes come in! They're also miles better because you know exactly what's in them and they are totally free of unidentifiable and unpronounceable chemicals.
There are so many recipes available on Pinterest for all sorts of things-cakes, biscuits, other desserts (I've already ran out of things but trust me there are loads) but I decided to use this one to make a jar of cookie mix for my friends birthday. I paired it with some cute cookie cutters that were maths themed since we both wish to study maths at uni next year. I also used the printable tags that come with the recipe and some cute stripey ribbon to jazz up the jar.