Friday, 9 November 2012

Make-up Compact Photo Album

I made a tiny, mini little photo album today out of the compact from my old pressed powder. Once the powder was finished I cleaned it out and kept it because I just couldn't bare to throw it away because I knew I could repurpose it. Then today I stumbled across the perfect upcycle tutorial here and this is how mine turned out...

 You can follow the tutorial over on Bursts Of Creativity really easily so I won't bother putting one up myself so just follow the above link for the tutorial.
But I also used my typewriter to type up the words rather than a computer or stamps as I found my mums old typewriter in the loft and haven't stopped using it since, I just love it. The quote on the front is one that my friend had told be the day before and it seemed somehow fitting, the first half is on the front and when you open it up you  get the second half of it. It reads 'Memories aren't recycled like atoms and particles in quantum physics... They can be lost forever'Its the quote from the beginning of Lady Gagas 'Marry The Night' music video and I must admit I really do like it even though its quite sad really when you think about it, but now, whenever I look at it I will think of my friend :D