Wednesday, 24 September 2014

DIY Ring Holder

All you need for this easy DIY is a shallow box of some kind, some sponge or polystyrene to fit in the box, material to cover the sponge/polystyrene, PVA glue and a craft knife.
I was looking at ring holders online since I needed a new place to store my growing collection but after a quick search on pinterest I found a lot of different DIY's to make them. However I didn't actually have any of the materials I needed and didn't really want to go out and buy any so I decided to make one based off a ring box I had in which they use sponge and cut slots into it.
All you have to do is cut the sponge/polystyrene to the shape of the box, paint it in PVA glue, then wrap the material around it and place it into the box. Then you wait for it to dry and finally you just use the craft knife to cut slots into it, to place rings or earrings in.