Monday, 1 October 2012

Quote T-Shirt

I brought a t-shirt from Primark a couple of weeks back with the idea of wearing it with my navy blue pleated maxi skirt. It was white with an Aztec print on it, it looked quite like this one from Topshop that I found online.
But with a little bit of inspiration from Dina over at A Splendid Assemblage I decided to customise it.

 I printed out the quote in a big font on to some paper then placed it in the middle of the shirt. As it was such a thin shirt you could see the words behind it so I grabbed my fabric pens and simply traced the words through the shirt. Then I ironed it and it was done, all in all it took me about 15 mins,well, if you took away the hour I spent trying to decide whether to do it or not because I was worried about ruining the top ahaha ;)