Friday, 25 January 2013

Biscuit tins to Makeup/Pencil Pots

I was looking at some gorgeous glittery mason jars on pinterst and really wanted to make them but I don't have any glitter at the moment so rather than glitterizing (is that a word?  I don't think so) them I used some of my fave wrapping paper to cover them instead. Now I have the place to store my make up brushes or pencils. 
As a side note, Crabtree and Evelyn biscuits are delicious! Especially the strawberries and cream ones :)



You will need-
Biscuit tin/tube
Wrapping Paper
Double Sided sticky tape
Sticky back plastic
Tape measure (optional)

1. Cut out wrapping paper to wrap round tin.
*Note* If you're clever (not like me)you can use a tape measure to measure the size of the wrapping paper you are going to need to cover the tin, otherwise it might not fit.

2.Stick double sided around the top, middle and bottom of the tin.

3.Very carefully wrap the paper around as straight as you can, it is near impossible! After many attempts I still failed...

4.Next, cut and measure sticky back plastic that is a little bigger than your tin.

5. Wrap the sticky back plastic carefully around the tube as straight as you can. The bit that is left sticking up at the top, cut into a fringe and then bend each flap down into the tube to seal the top.

6. Insert make up brushes, pencils or whatever else you desire and you're finished :)