Sunday, 16 March 2014

My 16th Birthday! What I Got & Celebrations

Sorry this post took me so long to get up, It was actually mine and my twin sister Megan's birthday on March 6th! I thought about splitting this into two posts-What I Got and the Celebrations- but in the end I have decided to keep it as one. Just a warning though, this a very long and photo heavy post but alas, let us begin... 
Originally Me and Meg had been just planning to have a party for our 16th, but it turned out 3 of my 5 best friends couldn't come. In the end I decided to go out for a cheeky nandos with them on the friday before my party on the Saturday. Here are some of the photos below. They even surprised with a mini chocolate cake (candles and all!) as you can see in the bottom right photo. I don't know why i look so scared though? I'd also like to point out that I have a confetti star stuck to my right cheek that was in my birthday card :)
 It was here that my gorgeous, amazing, beautiful, fantastic, brilliant best friends presented me with my INCREDIBLE gift! They all decided to club together and got me the gifts you see below, as soon as I saw the gift bags I was super excited! They brought me a GORGEOUS Pandora ring, Lush Twilight Bath Bomb (Review coming soon), a whole bunch of American Sweets (they know me so well!) and the money for a MAC lipstick because they didn't know which colour to get me. I simply cannot thank them enough so if they are reading this, thank you a million times to Rose, Liz, Eilis, Katie and Liv!
These things below are what I received off my brother, sister and parents. My brother got me a game of thrones hand of the king badge and a game of thrones cushion with isn't shown in this photo because it hasn't yet been released in the UK. My sister brought me the James Blunt CD and then the poster, bag, phone and silver cuff were off my parents. So thank you to all of them!

Now onto the party...
My AMAZING(!!) friend Elizabeth did my hair for me for my party, seriously how good is she! I curled my hair before she came round and then she just did my hair with no picture references or video tutorials or anything...I just don't know how she did it?! So thank you very much Liz! I also thought it looked especially good because of my ombred hair :D
And here are the photos from the party. We spent the night dancing, eating cake (Rainbow cake specifically, as you can see below), chatting and playing snooker (Or is it pool? I have no idea of the difference). I really enjoyed it and I hope that all my guests did too :)
My friends also brought me all of this amazing stuff and I can't thank them enough for how lovely and generous they've all been so thank you sooooo much!
I also got this amazing giant cookie off a bunch of my friends. Lessons I have learnt whilst eating this 1) all cookies should be iced 2) do not try and eat it all yourself...
And finally I'd like to say a huge thank you to Bronagh (She clearly reads the blog!) Not only for the brilliant present of Maybelline Colour Tattoos, but also for the adorable little quote that I found in the card! I have wanted the colour tattoos for what seems like forever but you know when you just never get round to buying something even though you really want them, well thats what happened with me. And well done to Bronagh for picking such gorgeous colours! I'll hopefully be writing a review on those soon!
So all in all I'd like to say a huge thank you to all my family and friends who made my 16th so brilliant! I'm also quite happy that the image on my side bar is finally accurate now I've turned 16 :)

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