Tuesday, 16 September 2014

MUA Pro Brow Kit Review

I have been loving this eyebrow palette so much, I brought it back in February, but it quickly made its way into my everyday makeup collection replacing the eyeshadow I was using from the MUA Undressed palette. I love the fact that it has a huge mirror in it for touch ups ons the go and the mini tweezers are very useful too.
Although my hair isn't actually that dark I have been using the darkest colour to fill in my brows, I'm not sure if it's a tad too dark but the lighter colour is much too light so sometimes I mix the two. I disagree with the fact that the lightest shade can be used as a highlighter though, it's no where near light enough for any skin tone I don't think. I'm also not sure about the gel. Personally I don't like the idea of setting my eyebrows in place because I wouldn't want them to look or feel hard at all but for people who do I'm sure this would be very useful and on the few occasions I have worn it, I have been very happy with how it has worked as it doesn't feel heavy or crispy.
My only real problem with this kit is that I will never use the lightest colour and will very rarely use the middle colour I think. But for £3.50 is an excellent price for everything included in this kit.
Here's two pictures with me wearing the darkest shade-

Definitely a product that I'd recommend!