Monday, 15 September 2014

10 things that make me happy

Inspired by these recent posts by Louise and Elise I have decided to share with you all 10 things that have recently made me happy. I know I live a very fortunate life and sometimes I get bogged down in all the little problems and forget how truly blessed I am to have everything I do, so in an effort to remember this more often I have wrote this post and may make it a little series, who knows?

  1. The Wicked Soundtrack
  2. My GCSE results
  3. All my friends at school and how well the new additions to my year are fitting in. (Hey Niamh if you ever read this haha!)
  4. My parents brought me a new desk for my room and it's amazing!
  5. So far I seem to be staying on top of my A Level work
  6. I'm allowed to wear nail varnish to school now, well sixth form I guess but still, and I can get away with bright lipstick too, whoop!
  7. Fall is here which means hot chocolate and candles and baggy sweaters and all of the fall tv premieres (OUATs back!)
  8. Now that I've got a job I actually have money to spend :)
  9. There are 14 fridays till Christmas!
  10. The view from my bed in the mornings, which is actually pictured above.
I encourage you all to have a go at writing a list of ten things that make you happy today whether physical or mental as it really helps you remember how lucky you are!