Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Eyelure Enchanted Poise Eyelashes Review

I had a look in Superdrug and Boots for some new lashes as the few pairs I have are looking a little sad but I couldn't bring myself to spend £5/£6 on a new pair so I sadly turned and left. Whilst buying some other things in Bodycare though I spotted the false eyelash section and had a quick look and found that many of the Eyelure pairs were only £3.99, quite a bit cheaper than the other stores. Obviously I had to have a look at every pair they had then and got stuck between this pair and a similar Cheryl Cole pair but these ones won out mostly because I liked the prettier packaging. They have a clear invisible band which is super flexible and comfortable to wear. The lashes themselves are a great length and thickness, looking very natural once applied, whilst being lightweight and comfortable. However I didn't use the adhesive that came with them as I used my preferred Duo glue which I absolutely love as it's so long lasting.
Overall I was really pleased with these lashes especially for the great price of £3.99!