Thursday, 21 May 2015

Harry Potter Skiving Snackbox DIY

May was fast approaching and I had 5 birthdays to prepare for, as well as it being exam season so I decided to get a head start on the presents, this is project 3 of 4. My friend Georgia loves all things Harry Potter so I decided to make her a themed gift basket of sorts. Cue a DIY Platform 9 3/4's sign (Post soon hopefully) plus this Skiving Snackbox DIY.
Firstly I split the box I had into three levels, adding a base to the top one and two mini ones that flip out in the middle using a washing powder box and some spare cardboard (From my birthday!)
 Next I covered it all in orange paper...
 ...and stuck green tissue paper in each level.
 For the finishing touch I printed off some labels...
 ...and stuck them down. You can find the labels here, the Weasley one I found on the internet and the text ones I made myself.
  Then I decided to add a Weasley W on the top because it looked so plain.
Then I filled it with sweets and it was ready to give to Georgia for her birthday. I paired it with a DIY Platform 9 3/4's sign that I painted, plus a Hogwarts T-Shirt from Primark and wrapped it with a Hogwarts Express ticket and a Owl Mail stamp to fit the theme.

If you give this DIY a go, send me a pic on twitter, I'm @KatieCorbett98, I would love to see! Or comment below, I love love love to hear from my readers...