Thursday, 14 May 2015

Study Tips: How to Revise

I've been meaning to write this post for a while now so I realise it's a little late since exams have already started (My first was on the 11th!) but I thought I'd write it nonetheless since I had the photos haha!

  1. Use Colour- I'm a very visual person so diagrams and colours really help me learn. Use colours to highlight key words and phrases and use coloured pens to write headers and subheaders,  and use page markers to help you quickly find key passages in books and textbooks.
  2. Set Targets and Time Limits- Try to revise for 30-45 minutes and have 15 minute breaks, but more importantly set targets for these periods such as 'Finish writing notes on Kinematics chapter' or 'Do one Core 1 maths paper'
  3. Listen to classical music- I really recommend Spotify's focus section of playlists particularly the intense studying playlist, plus Vitamin String Quartet or soundtracks from your favourite shows (I enjoy The Good Wife's playlist) for music to listen to whilst struggling studying. It helps you concentrate as you don't get involved in the lyrics. 
  4. Use Mind Maps- Use mind maps to link all your points together, this is particularly helpful in subjects like chemistry or other sciences where its important to see points in the wider context.
  5. Use Post it notes-Write definitions on post it notes and stick them on your mirror so you can read them every morning whilst you do your makeup, but remember to update them as often as you can, and to test yourself on  old ones.
I hope you find these tips useful in the run up to your exams, I have my third one today (Further Maths!) so wish me luck...

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