Thursday, 5 April 2012

Feather Earrings

I'm sorry I dont have step by step photos but I will try and talk you through how I made them anyway. 
I have them in orange and yellow and am hoping to also make them in pink, red, green and dark blue. 
I love making them but regret to say that i will probably never where them :(
wire cutters
Earrings (you can buy these or get them form an old pair of earrings)

1. Cut a piece of wire about 5cm long with the wire cutters, then cut the feathers to the correct shape as you see the ones in shops and mine above.
2. Next wrap the wire around the feather till you get to the top with the pliers. I didn't use pliers as I couldn't find my dads but i would NOT recommend using your fingers, it hurts after a while! 
3.Add the bead on if you are using it,then the earring and then fold the wire around and took it into the bead or wrap around the feathers stalk.
4. Now try them on and see hoe they look ;)

I hope you liked this tutorial and i know its not very clear but its quite hard to explain how i did it, sorry.