Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Great finds at Ikea+Aldi

On Monday I went to Ikea with my family and in the bargain corner I came across these beautiful green and clear bottles. They were on sale at just 80p so I couldn't resist! Once I got them home I sprayed some polish onto the sticky labels and left it for half an hour then rubbed it off really easily.
  I think I might use them to hold some home-made bubble bath and use the adorable printables that I found on Eat Drink Chic, here's the link -http://eatdrinkchic.com/post.cfm/diy-bridesmaid-gifts-homemade-bubble-bath-free-labels
And today I was doing some grocery shopping with my mother and I found these clear water bottles that I have wanted for a long time but have only been able to find online. And the best bit was that they were only 99p! What a bargain!
The main reason that I wanted these bottles was because of this post on Eat Drink Chic (again!)because the tags that Amy Moss designed are gorgeous and so summery!
So all in all it has been a wonderful start to the week!
Katie xoxo