Monday, 22 April 2013

Mini Harry Potter Potion Vials

These can be attached to necklaces if you stick some wire in the cork and bend to make a ring but as they are made of glass they would be quite fragile which is why for the moment I am just using them as display items. I'm still hoping to make a Felix Felicis one but I need to get some glitter first. 
The idea for these came when I saw tiny little cork and glass vials in the works, a six pack of these was only 99p which I thought was an amazing price so I bought 2 packs.

 To make the labels I tea stained some paper by just getting used tea bags wetting them and rubbing them over a piece of plain white paper. Then I used a calligraphy pen to write out the names and cut them out with a rather large border. I then used a lighter to burn away the edges of the labels making them look older.

After filling them with the things below i sealed them all with all purpose clear extra strong glue from Bostik to stop anything coming out.

Unicorn Blood- Made from Silver paint mixed with Clear Glue
Gilly Weed-Water turned green with food dye, ornamental gravel for the bottom and grass from my garden to go on top
Amortentia-Clear glue and red food dye,
Veritaserum-Just Clear Glue
Polyjuice Potion-Clear glue and blue food dye
Wolfsbane-Clear Glue, Black paint and white paint
Skelegrow- White paint and clear glue