Saturday, 8 June 2013

Homemade Bubble Bath with Labels from Eat Drink Chic

I'm sorry I haven't been updating very much lately, I have loads of mocks coming up in June and I have been revising like mad, therefore i haven't really been doing much crafting so i don't know what to blog about...please forgive me I'm gonna try updating more >.<

Anyway, for a friends birthday I decided to give her some homemade bubble bath after seeing Amy Moss's article ages ago. I have been dying to use the labels but since I'm not getting married anytime soon I edited the seal labels so that they say 'Happy Birthday' and then just printed the rest off as normal. I got the bottles from Ikea in the bargain area for only 89p each so i brought 3, I used one for this, have one in my crafty cupboard and the last one is full of happy quotes, saying and proverbs printed on my typewriter which I call my 'Bottle Of Happiness' :D

I used this recipe from Wiki How for the bubble bath-