Monday, 24 February 2014

Motivational Monday #05

I found this little beauty on my phone the other day. I'm pretty sure I got it off of Sam Chapman's (one half of Pixiwoo's) instagram...

This weeks message is one of positivity. Because after all a positive attitude makes for a happy life. I would usually consider myself quite the optimist but I know that at times it can be quite hard to stay positive, especially when everythings going wrong for you so remember that no matter how bad things are life will be looking for you soon, I promise. You can't deny that when you expect something to be bad, it is. So surely it should work the other way too. So remember that everything has a silver lining and thats its up to you to make sure you have good week.
And I know it may be 11pm but it is still monday so I guess I'm improving on last week :)