Friday, 21 February 2014

'Food' Shopping...

Well on monday I accompanied my mom and my nan on their weekly food shop since I'm off school for the week (Thank god for half terms!) and...well... we ended up not just buying food...

Firstly my lovely nan treated me to this candle since I was looking for some new (and cheaper) alternatives to my yankee candles because I only have christmassy ones really.

And I must admit it smells gorgeous, it reminds me of vanilla flavoured angel delight that I used to eat when I was little <3

To be completely honest I may really have brought this just because I really liked the packaging but I do need a new hair mask since my Mark Hill miracOILIcios is running rather low and I figured for 99p you can't go too wrong.

This was my bargain of the day and quite possibly my favourite purchase! Unfortunately they only had it in neon green but at least I'll never lose it this way :) I got this for £2.99 down from £5.99 because the packaging was missing but it works perfectly and similar models cost £9.99+ online!

My mom actually brought the gorgeous notebook but it was so pretty that I just had to include it. I may be "borrowing" it I think ;) and they also had more striped paper straws to add to my (growing) collection. They are just too cute, I can't help myself!

A girl can never have too many paper straws it would seem. I picked up each of these packets of 25 straws for 99p at Home Bargains in Stechford.

Apparently a girl can never have too many popcorn holders either. I have been looking at these online and lusting after them for ages so when I saw them in the pound shop, I just had to get me some. The smaller ones were 2 for £1 too so all 3 only cost £2.

Unfortunately I had no popcorn to hand, only starbursts.

Well, all in all it was rather a good spot of 'food' shopping haha, how's half term going for you if you have it? Any recent purchases?