Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Toni and Guy Reverse Conical Wand

This is another of my January Sales purchases which I have finally got round to reviewing! I brought this on boxing day since I don't actually have any curlers and these were only £9.99 at superdrug! The usual price is £30 as well so I was super excited!
I have tried a few Toni and Gut products over the last few years so I had high hopes for these curlers and I must say they delivered! They heat up fast and can be used to give loose waves or tighter curls. The unique reverse conical shape is supposed to give you tighter curls at the top and looser ones at the bottom which doesn't sound like it makes much sense but actually works out really well.

The cord is also salon length so it's 3m long which is really useful, the cord on my hairdryer is super short so it makes it really difficult to use sometimes.
It also comes with a really useful heat proof glove so that you don't burn your hands like I always do with curlers! Though I have to admit it got a little annoying when I had to keep changing hands.
Here is a couple of pictures of my hair after I've used the curlers...

So what do you guys think?