Saturday, 3 May 2014

April Summary

It's been a quite month for me with my upcoming exams so here we go...

1. Shauna's 16th Birthday party, which was amazing.
2. My parents arrived home with the most adorable labradoodle in tow one day, we had been discussing getting a dog for a while but never really that seriously and then suddenly this gorgeous pup arrived just 10 weeks old and I fell in love. We are thinking we are going to name him Bucky as in Captain America's best mate :)
3. This photo depicts the incredible delivery skill shown my amazon delivery people when I (Finally!) gave in and brought the real techniques eye set. I saw them on offer on amazon at only £13.50 so I couldn't resist, there will be a review of them soon!
4. A big group of my friends also went to Zizzis for a meal after school to cheer up one of my friends who was feeling a bit down.
5. We also went out for a meal for my friend Lauren's 16th birthday and surprised her with a birthday cake and candles, the whole works!
6. I got my first ever spray tan over easter as a trial for prom. I was really happy with how it turned out, especially as it only cost me £8!

As a side note there won't be any April Favourites as I haven't tried out enough new stuff to make it worthwhile me writing a post, so the few things that I'm currently loving will probably be making an appearance in the May Favourites. However there will most likely not be a May Summary either as let's be honest I'm going to be doing nothing but eating, sleeping and studying as exam season officially starts, but I'll definitely make sure I have a May Favourites up...