Sunday, 22 June 2014

2 DIY'S With Scrap Material

After making my Ereader Cover I had some spare marvel material left over which has been hanging around in my cupboard for ages. I had a scroll through Pinterest and came up with two ideas as to how to use the material- 

Fabric Pocket Shorts
You will need-Scrap Material, denim shorts, scissors, paper, fabric glue/hot glue gun.
All you need to do is find some denim shorts (or cut some old jeans down to shorts) and trace the shape and size of the back pockets onto a piece of scrap paper. Then you just trace this paper template onto the fabric you're using and cut this out. Finally you just glue the fabric panels into the pockets. I used some super glue because I couldn't find anything else but you could just as easily use a hot glue gun or fabric glue.

Hair Bow-
You will need- scrap material, scissors, fabric glue/hot glue gun, clip

I'm not sure how to explain this one so I think it would just be easier if you followed this tutorial that I've found on Pinterest. However I would definitely advise that you don't use a hot glue gun as I have for this one because it makes the bow really stiff and hard to use though.

So there we go, two uses for any scrap material you have hanging around, let me know if you try either of these...