Thursday, 28 August 2014

Back To School Mini Haul

My first ever Back To School post! I wanted to get this post out today since I'm so late with these posts which means I took these photos in the dark and my camera just does not deal well with the dark so the pictures are a bit blurry I'm afraid.

 I haven't really brought much this year as most of last years supplies are still some how intact. My school bag was from Primark, Lunch box from a local shop called Aspire, Shoes from New Look, spray from Victorias Secret (Can we just have a moment to celebrate the fact that there's a VS opening in the Bullring please?! I'm so excited!) and then a lot of note pads from Tesco.
How adorable is this! I found it in this local vintage type shop and I just thought it was soo cute in yellow and blue with the cute little elastic stripe. It was a bit more than I'd like to have spent on a lunch box but I've never seen one sooo cute.
I brought these today whilst out with my friends in New Look they were £20 which is about average for shoes I guess haha? They have super sturdy soles so I'm hoping they'll last me the whole year, I tend to go through shoes pretty fast especially since I walk home. I thought the gold detail was really pretty and I think they'll go great with my pencil skirt and blazer (we have to wear 'Business Wear' at my sixth form).

So whos looking forward to going back to school yet? Anyone? Anyone at all?