Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Katy Perry Prismatic World Tour :D

Well I'm not sure I've ever mentioned on here before what a huge fan of Katy Perry I am. So there we go, I'm a huge Katy Cat, I think shes gorgeous, talented and really down to earth considering how famous she is now. I have loved her since she first got big but unfortunately I didn't get to go on her California Dreams Tour :'(
My two friends Georgia and Eilis who are on the right of me in the photo below  both went last year and both decided to go again this year so with some birthday money I decided to buy myself a Prismatic World Tour ticket too! and I have to say that was the best £50 I have ever spent! It was was easily one of the best nights of my life and I definitely couldn't pick a favourite song but Teenage dream, Dark horse, Love me and Double Rainbow (You'll see why Double Rainbow down below!) are definitely up there. This is a very photo heavy post but I just loved it all sooo much!

 Maeve and Hannah (Eilis and Georgia's little sisters) Me, Eilis and Georgia 

 Me, Eilis and Georgia waiting for Icona pop (The support act) to come on.
 The next few photos are from when she sung Birthday towards the end

 That lucky fella got to go on stage, I'm so jel!

 These ones are from Walking on Air...

She actually sort of walked on air... 

 And this is why I loved Double rainbow so much!
She actually got down off the stage and came right up close to the audience and she was like 2 meters away from me, I could have touched her!

When the big sunflower came out she sung all of the lovely slow kind of sad songs and she even started crying herself during Grace of God which really made me tear up.

 These were during Dark Horse which was also AMAZING!

 And this was how she begun with Roar...

*Sigh* Why is she so flawless?
And now I just can't wait for the next tour/album/single!