Monday, 22 February 2016

My Desk Essentials

I am notoriously bad for not staying hydrated  I can go all day on a single mug of tea) so I try to always make sure that I have a Bottle of Water to hand to encourage me to drink more. Usually when I'm bored of revising I just drink as a distraction. More often than not I'll also have a couple of mugs of Green Tea on my desk in a variety of stages. They'll be an empty mug from yesterday that I forgot to move (Yes, I'm a slob), a half drunk one I started then left to go cold this morning and then a fresh one that's too hot to drink. Carrying on with this theme I have to have Snacks preferably healthy ones but not often! They're a great distraction form revision and help raise my blood sugar so that I can work harder /they just taste nice. 
Now for the actual necessities- Internet Access, whether that's through my laptop or tablet so that I can download mark schemes to papers, plot graphs, check facts or fall into the inevitable whole of procrastination.Colourful Post-it Notes for to do lists, to add reminders or to leave notes or questions on work to teachers. Nice Pens I don't really mind what kind of pen as long as it's black though I've found these PaperMate InkJoy pens from Poundland to be really nice to write with, they're only £1 for 4 so it's rather good value too. I usually like to have music playing whilst I work too unless the room's silent so if I'm at college I use Headphones and listen to spotify. I literally couldn't care less what brand as long as they work.
I also like to have a Plant Buddy sitting on my desk, I just think it's nice to have some greenery and O2 in my room. This fella is called Oswald, I really don't know why I feel the need to name all my plants, particularly as they usually live short lives!  If I'm working at home I also like to have a Scented Candle burning to help create a pleasant environment.