Monday, 21 October 2013

Bleached Denim Shorts How-to

I bleached some shorts recently so I thought I'd let you guys know how...

You need:
Nail file/Sand paper
Start of with a pair of denim shorts or cut jeans to size like I have.

The edges of mine were quite frayed anyway but I then ran a knife and scissors along it to rough it up some more.

There they are after I roughed up the edges, then I used a nail file as I didn't have any sandpaper handy to scuff the denim in places and make little frayed areas.

Then I put the shorts in a bucket with a mix of bleach and water and left them overnight as it wasn't very strong bleach.

I intended for the bleach to be even all the way round but they turned out sort of tie-dyed which I prefer anyway.