Thursday, 14 November 2013

Star Trek Canvases

My dearest sister can take full credit for this idea as she only came to be for a bit of advice but still let me publish this :) I used the same method as on my shoes. Personally I'm not a huge fan of Star Trek, though I do like the new reboot but these canvases have each of the four types of badge I am told by my sister. I think its science, medic, engineering and then command from left to right . Do correct me if I'm wrong though.

Click Below to read more about how we did it...

You'll need-
Sponge bushes
Double sided tape
Acrylic paint in white, black, dark blue, purple, light blue
Cocktail sticks

Trace and cut out your silhouette.

Use the double sided tape to glue the shape down.

Add the first layer of black and dark blue all over the canvas.

Slowly sponge on the lighter colours-light blue,purple, a bit of white mixed in.

Then finally add in the stars by dotting white paint with a cocktail stick/pencil/small thin object. Try to focus them in the lighter areas where the light blue/purple is.

Peel off the card and we're done :D

After making the first one we went on to make the other three too...

Hopefully my dad will be able to put them up soon and then my sister will be happy. She recently became a little obsessed with Star Trek after finally getting round to watching Star Trek into Darkness, she even started watching the original too.

Anyway, have a good week guys...