Wednesday, 19 February 2014

DIY Lip Scrub

I have noticed that the colder months have meant that my lips are getting very chapped, so I have been lusting over the Lush lip scrubs. The problem is that I'm trying to cut my spending and £6 for a tiny little pot just doesn't seem fair. Enter pinterest and the search for DIY lip scrubs.
To be honest all the recipes seemed pretty simple, all you needed was sugar, a carrier oil and then optional flavourings and colours. 
Personally I chose to use vanilla extract and extra virgin olive oil since it was all I had in the cupboard.

If you want a recipe with precise measurements, you can check out any of the three websites I have linked below, but personally I just did it by eye and dumped all the ingredients into the bowl and mixed...

Once you're finished you can just use your fingers to rub a bit onto your lips and it will take off any dead skin cells just like a face scrub would. Then simply wipe off with a tissue or wash off.

Recipe Sources-
It might not be as pretty as the Lush ones but it'll work for me until I pluck up the courage to spend £6 on such a tiny jar. 
If any of you have tried them please let me know if you rate them!