Sunday, 24 August 2014

Disappointing Products

Being a beauty blogger you end up buying a lot of make-up products and therefore you will invariably end up with at least a few disappointing products. Today I thought I'd share with you what products have disappointed me and offer you a little warning.

MUA Lipsticks, although a blogger favourite for their cheap and cheerful price tags, I have found to be rather rubbish to be honest, I have shades 1 and 4. Shade 1 is very dark and I love the colour but it bleeds far too much and stains the lines in my lips if I try and take it off whereas shade 4 just doesn't show up at all, my pink baby lips is actually pinker. At least I didn't waste too much money though.
I brought the Collection Gel Eyeliner hoping to find a new longer lasting eyeliner since gel is meant to be so good. Unfortunately, I clearly chose the wrong brand as this particular collection one hardly lasts at all and just ends up creased all over my eyelid even when I use a eye primer.   
The Soap and Glory Arch De Triumph Pencil  was my first foray into the world of eyebrow products but unfortunately was a bit of a disappointing one. I'm not sure if eyeshadows/powders, just suit me better but I do prefer using them and the look of them, however the highlighting end of this pencil is very useful for on the brow bone, cheek bones or cupids bow.
And finally the Maybelline Baby Lips, I'm pretty sure these were a disappointment to almost everyone to be honest. They were soooo hyped up they were bound to be a let down but anyway, I don't find them all that moisturising and the tinted one that I have doesn't actually sit that well over dry or flaky lips. So many brands are currently bringing out copies of these as well and I doubt they'll be any better.

From L to R - MUA Shade 1, Shade 3 and Baby Lips in Pink Punch

So what products have disappointed you? What should I stay away from?