Friday, 1 August 2014

Top 5 Teen Bloggers

Sometimes Teen Bloggers don't really get the credit they deserve. They put as much time and effort into their blogs (if not more) than some adult boggers all whilst balancing that with the normal trials of being a teenager including the stresses of school and friends etc. So I thought I'd put together a list of 5 of my favourite Teen Bloggers who inspire me in my own blog and whose blogs I really enjoy reading just to say well done to them and thank you for creating them, I guess.
  1. Elise Dopson- I am in love with the minimalist layout of Elise's blog and her content is always spot on. She regularly publishes a variety of posts which never fail to inspire me, and her photographs are beautiful. 
  2. Niamhs Dream- Niamh recently returned from a blogging break due to exams and I'm so glad to have her posts appearing on my bloglovin dash once more! Niamh also writes some very interesting non beauty related posts which I love to read too.
  3. There's Something about Alice- Alice posts so frequently with a range of different topics, I particularly love her FOTD's, OOTD's and Wishlists 
  4. Lovely jubbly- Lydia has some of the best photos I have ever seen on her blog and I am immensely jealous of them, I wish mine looked as put together and generally perfect. Plus her header and graphics are just gorgeous. 
  5. Cole Of The Ball- I love the reviews that Cole writes as they are so detailed, I love her High Street vs High End posts,her photography is great and her love of lipsticks is one I share.
If anybody has any blogs to recommend leave a comment below and I will check it out...