Sunday, 29 September 2013

16th Birthday Present Idea

 Since it was the 16th birthday of my best friend since I was four years old, I wanted to do something special. The basic concept is as she's 16 years old, she gets 16 presents for the 16 days before her birthday.

What I included in my gift-
1. Baby Lips Lipbalm 
2. Marshmallow Fluff (She loves american sweets)
3. 16th Birthday Badge
4. Earrings
5. Vimto Sweets (Her favourite)
6. Nail Polish+Blusher
7. 16 Keyring
8. Book
9. Handbag Organiser
10. Photos
11. Lumos Candle (DIY here)
12. Gryffindor Bauble
13. Bertie Botts every flavour bean (Box template here
14. Harry Potter lightning bolt ring
15. Dictionary Necklace (DIY here)
16. A Birthday Balloon

Then here they all are wrapped up, numbered and ready to go. Then I just placed them in the gift bag, attached the card to the balloon and tied the balloon to the gift handle. I gave the present to her 16 days before her birthday so that she could open one each day before her birthday. 
And although You'd expect this to be pretty expensive it turned out at less than £25 due to the fact that I DIYed a few of the presents.

Hope you like the idea, let me know if you try it out...