Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Bleach London Washed Up Mermaid Temporary Dye Review

Overall I was quite disappointed in this dye, I'm not sure if I didn't put enough dye on (though I did put about a golf ball sized amount on each half of my hair) or if the colour didn't show up particularly well because my hair wasn't bleached but it only came out with the lightest tinge of green as opposed to the blue on the bottle.

Here it is whilst it was still wet after I had washed out the dye-

 The colour I ended up with really was quite different to what the bottle says. I knew it wouldn't be exactly like that because my hair's not bleached but I thought it would show up better, especially since I had dipdyed it blonde and it was fairly light anyway. I does look quite bluish in these pics but in reality it was more green.

The left is the photo off of the boots website and right is obviously my hair.
These photos were taken immediately after I had dyed it and washed it out without having any styling or anything.

After 2 weeks or so which would be about 8 washes I think, the colour had mostly come out but there was still a bit of green left to my hair, it stayed particularly well on some of the lighter blonde bits as you would expect. Another 2 weeks on from that (So 4 weeks after dying), as I  am writing this, I can still see a pretty faint green tinge to some strands of my hair.

Over all I'm not sure about his product but since I have a whole bottle anyway I will definitely be trying it again (with more dye this  time) but that won't be till summer probably as we arent allowed 'severe Hair cuts, styles or colours' at school and as I said the colour lasts quite a while.

Have you tried any of the Bleach London dyes or could you recommend  a better alternative?