Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Four Ways to Wear a Velvet Skirt

As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently aquired a black velvet skirt and have since struggled with what to pair it with.
This post is probably a bit late really since personally I am already looking forward to Spring but hey!
Also this is my first ever fashion post (I think) so let me know if you guys like them or not,  I guess?
Note: Ignore my terrible posing and pale fake tan-less legs please...

After trying on what seemed like my entire wardrobe, I decided on four main looks- 
1) Jumper- I paired it with my new red jumper, black tights and maroon wedge lace up heels. I think this outfit works with the jumper both tucked in and left out .

2) Graphic Tee and Blazer-This is what I wore when I went out with my family for a meal to a local pub, whilst the blazer makes it  a bit more formal the t-shirt makes it a little more casual (And I couldn't resist getting a bit of Harry Potter in there!) and pairing it with grey tights keeps me warm without making the outfit too dark as it would if I were to wear black tights. Also sorry about how blurry this photo is!

3)Denim Shirt and Graphic Tee- This makes the skirt look a bit more casual and would be perfect for spring as it's getting a little warmer.

4) A feminine blouse- Lace or chiffon would go well with this and makes the outfit look a bit more formal great for a meal out. In this photo I'm wearing plain black heels but you could also swap them for flats. You could also add a blazer over the top to keep you warmer.

Which was your favourite look? Tell me in the comments...