Monday, 14 July 2014

New York City: The Haul

Oops... There goes most of my savings...
So as you will know by now, I went to New York CIty for 6 days at the end of June and who can resist doing a spot of shopping whilst in New York! I don't think I really brought that much but my money sure seemed to disappear fast. That's the story of my life to be honest...
 NOTE: All of the prices are minus tax which is currenntly 8.75% I think.
 Victoria's Secret-  2 body mists for $3.00 each in the 75% off sale
 CVS- Nyx jumbo eye pencils in milk and black bean $4.50 each, plus the nyx eyeshadow base in skin for $7.99, EOS lipbalm in Blueberry for $4.69 and a l'oreal infallible eyeshadow in amber rush for $7.99 which is actually for a friend and shouldn't be in this photo,
 MAC-I bought my first ever MAC product whilst in New York from the store in Time Square! My friends very kindly gave me the money for the lipstick for my birthday back in March and I finally figured out which colour i wanted to buy so got it whilst i was in New York because it was cheaper. The colour is Creme Cup.
 Bath and Body Works- 5 hand sanitisers for $5 and a watermelon lemonade candle jar which was half price so cost me $6.25
Duane Reade Supermarket- 2 (huge) packets of twizzlers for $5, which is a bargain price considering what I pay in England for them and a big packet of Jolly Ranchers Crunch and Chew because someone brought me a packet for my birthday and I actually fell in love with them, plus they were only $3.79.

I'd hate to know what I would of spent if I'd gone for any longer than 6 days.