Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmassy Santa Nails and Primark Nail Art Brushes

After I got home from the German Market on Friday I decided to  paint my nails all christmassy :)
On my thumb I did Santa's face, on my middle finger I did his jacket and on my little finger I did his hat, then the rest were plain red. 

I used some new nail art brushes that I picked up in Primark whilst I was out, there were 10 in a pack for £3.

As you can see I have already managed to get nail varnish all up the 2 on the right doing my Santa nails. 
The set comes with 1 fan brush, 4 long thin ones in varying lengths and then 5 normal brushes in varying widths and lengths. Plus each brush comes with a protective cover.

Have you got anything christmassy on your nails?