Tuesday, 8 July 2014

New York City: 6 Days of Outfits

So here's the third for my holiday series, a sort of holiday look book I guess you could call it, except I wasn't brave enough to actually model the clothes! Fashion type posts are quite a rarity on Beauty By A Geek so be sure to let me know in the comments if you'd like to see more of them!

Top- Primark, Denim Shirt- Matalan, Leggings- New Look, Converse-Office, Backpack- Primark

Everything from Primark

Vest- New Look, Kimono-Market, Shorts, Shoes, Bag and Necklace- Primark

Top- DIY, Pinafore- Primark

Top- TJ Maxx (America), Skirt-Urban Outfitters

All Primark except for the necklace which is from Aspire and says 'Dreams Come True'

All Primark except for skirt which is from Urban Outfitters

All Primark except for top which is from TJ Maxx
Dress- Forever 21, Shoes-Primark

Top and Skirt-New Look, Bag and Cardigan-Primark, Converse-Office
All Primark except for Skirt from Urban Outfitters

All from Primark

Top-Asda, Converse-Office, Bag-Primark, Shorts-DIY

Things I have learnt whilst making this post 1) I shop at Primark too much 2) Editing photos takes too long 3) I have packing OCD 4) The lighting in my bedroom is terrible, though I kind of already knew this.